Ying Zhao
Executive Field Vice President

"Start small and dream big." – Rich Dad
Earning Level

$45,000 - $62,999

PIN Level

Executive Field Vice President



Twenty years ago, my husband and I came here to seek the American dream. Although we had Ph.Ds and worked hard in IT jobs, during the U.S. economic crisis, we couldn't see the bright future until we started the Market America business in 1997.

The right choice will bring you unbelievable success!

Twenty years ago, like many Chinese students, my husband and I came to seek the American dream. We had studied hard to get Masters and Ph.Ds. from both China and USA. We had worked hard to save money with professional IT jobs in one of the largest companies. Once we were shocked by our friend being laid off, we rethought our job security. Were we on the right track? Could we control our life? Absolutely not! We had to change! When our friend Haiwang Sun introduced the Market America business, we believed it was one that we were looking for. Two weeks later, we attended the 1997 International Convention and closely reviewed the Market America business and vision. Although we lived in the small mountain town of Blacksburg, Va. and we had no business experience, we decided do it! Now our dream has come true. We moved in a beautiful house, drive our dream cars, and can take any vacations with time freedom.


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