Tina Chen
Executive Field Vice President

Earning Level

$45,000 - $62,999

PIN Level

Executive Field Vice President



There was a time when I had a failing business and a ton of debt. Today, I am living in an expensive house and have a significant monthly income. I used to drive a Pontiac; today I drive a Mercedes Benz.

I knew very little about nutritional supplements and their importance to the human body. Today, thanks to the Market America business opportunity, my family and I have gained valuable knowledge and are benefiting from the many great nutritional products. Market America's Isotonix® products have helped my family achieve our health goals. Now, our family of six lives in a world of paradise all due to Market America.

Before Market America, my life was about one thing — work. Every day was the same to me, and seasons did not matter much. Looking back, it was quite dull and unrewarding. Today, I am able to enjoy the beauty that each season brings. I now have the time to take up hobbies and step back to enjoy my surroundings. With the newfound freedom, I find myself appreciating everyday things that I either did not see before or took for granted. The world we live in is truly amazing, but how can we enjoy it if we're buried neck deep in our work every day?

My success is not an accident. It is a product of hard work, vision, dedication, courage, persistence, consistency and the Market America spirit to help people. Today's UnFranchise® Management System is much easier to follow, thus helping newcomers to understand the Market America System quicker. I am forever grateful to JR for his revolutionary system and taking us head first into the 21st century. If you follow the Market America system and the NMTSS, in two to three years, a significant income can be yours for the taking. Take it or leave it; it's your choice.

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