Susan Thomas

To have more, you must first become more. If you change, everything in your life will change for you.
Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




Money used to be an issue. My biggest problem now is finding people to hang out with mid-week! I've been "unemployed" for a decade. What's a girl to do? Anything she wants to!

It doesn't take brains to build this business. It takes a commitment to better your life and the life of your loved ones. It takes a great heart. It takes hard work on a part-time basis, and the silliest thing about all of that is that the above (with the exception of part time) is exactly what most people mistakenly give to their job. If they only knew that all it took was a redirection of what they already possessed! I used to give 120 percent to my job, but received equal compensation as the guy that gave 80 percent. I don't know how you would feel about that, but quite frankly, it ticked me off. I knew there was a better way and I found it with the UnFranchise® Management System. Now, I absolutely love my life. This business is a hoot! I am having a blast. Vacations used to be a financial struggle. Now, I bring a new business partner on board from each of my vacation destinations, which allows me to vacation for a living! Oh, and I finally figured out why everyone doesn't open their own UnFranchise Business! Because if all of what I claim is true, most people would be foolish to have a JOB. No one likes to believe that the ridiculous hours they work are foolish so they choose to be comfortably miserable instead of investigate the possibilities. Now THAT is foolish. The easiest way to create success is to find something that already works and follow someone who has already done it. All systems are in place! I can't tell you how blessed I feel! I have been "unemployed" for a decade. What's a girl to do? Anything she wants to!

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