Sharon Lawrence, Rd, Ldn
Executive Director

This business has given me the opportunity to design my life and pursue my dreams while helping others to achieve theirs!
Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



When I was introduced to Market America 18 years ago, I was a single mother working 80–100 hours a week, as the CEO of a wellness company and as an integrative nutritionist.

Working long hours meant I had no life, and worse, I missed almost every important event of my 17-year-old daughter’s life. I was caught on a never-ending treadmill of working ridiculous hours to pay the salaries of employees and contractors, but still not generating enough cash flow for a financially stable, comfortable and secure life for my family. In the spring of 2000, during a routine visit with my chiropractor, I learned about a supplement called Isotonix® OPC-3®. I was very excited to implement Market America's cutting-edge wellness solutions into my practice, and I registered as an UnFranchise® Owner. With nutraMetrix® and the TLS® university divisions, I have been given the chance to offer lifestyle medicine, advanced technologies, science-based supplementation and comprehensive systems to my patients as well as those of other healthcare professionals. We are truly changing the face of health care one patient and one practitioner at a time! This business has given me so many gifts: the chance to own and design my life; to create a life of choices; to spend my time wherever I want to be, with the people who make me happiest, doing exactly what I want to do. It paid for my daughter’s college tuition in cash, and it allowed me an exit strategy so I could close my company, “fire” myself and take back my life! It allowed me to move to Delaware to be part of my daughter’s life and paid for her dream wedding and a fabulous honeymoon in Europe. It provided the time and financial freedom to take care of my mother for six months when nobody else could be there for her. It gave me the ability to travel to fabulous cities, purchase two spectacular homes in Delaware and Florida, and follow my passions. This business has given hope, health and financial freedom to countless friends, relatives, patients and people I would meet.

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