Shane And Rachel Patterson
National Supervising Coordinator

If you help other people get what they truly want you will automatically get what you want in return.
Earning Level

$10,000 - $14,999

PIN Level

National Supervising Coordinator



It's amazing to think that nearly 18 years have passed since I started my Market America business. Shane and I continue to be blessed with a wonderful family, friends, health and happiness, and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Our friend and mentor Ben Ginder showed us how we could make a significant ongoing income in two to three years. We could work 45 years of our lives to make a living, or work two years and design a life. We chose to design a LIFE!

When I started my UnFranchise® business at the age of 18, I guess I was just gullible enough to believe that it worked. I did everything I was told to do and I never imagined we would be blessed with the lifestyle we have today. In my first year, I married my best friend, Shane, and we went to work together! In the beginning, he did not support any home-based business. He didn’t want me to waste my time or get my hopes up. In 18 months, I replaced his income and in April of ’96, he left his job. He got real positive FAST!

It's been a tremendous ride for us. What we have put in motion many years ago something that is still paying us today. There is no business in the world that can offer that level of power and freedom! On our journey we have helped more people achieve wealth and success. It's about learning how to become a better person while serving others.

There has been a learning curve along the way, but I always say either you're green and growing or ripe and starting to rot. (Not the best picture but you won’t forget it!)

The most exciting thing is that Market America's Two- to Three-Year Plan can work for anybody! It has allowed our dreams to come true and to put the dreams back into the people who have lost their dreams to the 45-Year Plan. Those friends that became Shop Consultants with us are also making unbelievable money and are full-time Shop Consultants as well. Their dreams are now a reality.

Our thanks to every one of our friends and partners for without you we would not have achieved so much.


Shane And Rachel Patterson


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