Shane And Christy Stepien
Senior Master Coordinator

Why settle for mediocrity when you can always strive to be the best. No excuses, just make it happen!
Earning Level

$3,000 - $4,499

PIN Level

Senior Master Coordinator



It is amazing that it has been nearly five years since Christy and I started our Market America business. Our goals and motivation have never been stronger and we know that Market America | SHOP.COM is our ticket to financial freedom.

We are now nearly five years in to our UnFranchise® Business, and we as a family are seeing the strength behind this proven system, and are reaching the goals that we are setting for ourselves along the way. We could not be prouder to have recently earned the Pin level Senior Master Coordinators, and previous accolades including UFO and Local Seminar Challenge Awards.

We're blessed to have four beautiful children — Spencer (11), Addison (7), Jameson (6) and Connor (3) who are growing our business with us. We are all living healthier lifestyles because of the amazing products and are teaching everyone life lessons about hard work, determination and consistency.

And, while the kids may want mom and dad home when we're attending an UBP or HBP for a couple of hours, the minimal sacrifices now will pay huge rewards later — like trips to Disney, more time with each of them, etc.

We're proud of the team and friends that have come into the business and are enthusiastic about the many new Generation Ys and Xs and baby boomers who are striving for their own excellence!

We are so grateful to our sponsors Buddy and Carol Stemple for introducing this opportunity to our family, and look forward to working hand-in-hand with them as we expand our business! We would also like to thank Joyce Dunsmoor for her strong leadership and positive energy... always! We are also so proud to have family members now as business partners, and thrilled to see the success they are experiencing with their UnFranchise Businesses.

Christy is amazing when showing the plan and it is exciting to be a part of the ma Speaker's Bureau! I love her knowledge, enthusiasm and all of the positives that have helped her grow her confidence with our ma business!

We're committed and excited to see where this continues to take us... and are looking forward to adding all of the positives to our profile!

Next stop... to the top!


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