Russell & Trista Polo
Senior Master Coordinator

"Why have a glass half full or a glass half empty, when you can have a glass overflowing?" - Trista Polo
Earning Level

$3,000 - $4,499

PIN Level

Senior Master Coordinator



Our mission is to help individuals live their LEGACY with integrity, grace, honesty and trust. We help individuals to create room in life so they can be bigger than their bills, their obligations and their not-enough-times.

Owning an Internet business allows you the ability to compete with the world's top retailers while creating an ongoing income and spend the time you want building a legacy that will live well beyond your years.

When we started our business, we were doing well financially. We had a great job in IT and a solo business in real estate. We weren't really looking for something to replace our work because we were both really fulfilled professionally. But then everything changed. The real estate market crashed and a solo business in real estate just wasn't a realistic way to make a living. We were so glad we had a back up plan in place BEFORE we needed it. Instead of struggling to figure out how to get by, we shifted seamlessly into our Plan B which became our Plan A.

We are proud to be an active part of the National Meeting, Training and Seminar System (NMTSS) as Certified maWebCenters® Trainers, as well as on the Hudson Valley Leadership Council.

Our team — Team Dash — has a goal to make something of their DASH to leave this world better than we found it. Some of us do this through our careers, others our children and others through our work in communities, but we all use the UnFranchise® Business System as a tool to help us get there, and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Now that we have financial security, we have begun to look BEYOND our bills and obligations. How do we want to impact this world? In what ways can we leave it better than we found it?

Market America | SHOP.COM was the perfect vehicle to do this and we want to help others have the freedom to do the same.


Russell & Trista Polo


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