Rose & Robert Wang
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



What we love about Market America is the fact that ma® is not only a business designed for average people, but a system to convert an average person into a marketing professional.

Financial success was a dream for us when we immigrated to North America. It took us a very long time to realize that financial success does not only depend on how hard we work, but whether we are doing it in the right direction.

The first lesson we learned was that the right direction is in doing business. So, we started a traditional business 15 years ago. Event though we made some income from the traditional business, the business was up and down with the world economy. The future of business was not as good as we expected. The lifestyle was totally opposite to what we looked for in our American dream. Our traditional business became a nightmare.

At that moment, we discovered Isotonix OPC-3®. Rose did not want to work a traditional business anymore. Traditional businesses are not a solution for normal people like us to achieve financial success. We learned it in a very hard way. Rose was dreaming of a business that can run automatically with you and without you. So, when Rose was introduced to the ma UnFranchise® Business, the ongoing income caught her attention. She became an Independent UnFranchise Owner with Market America right away without getting approval from Robert.

Our ma business did not really start until Robert finally accepted it a year and a half later at Market America's International Convention. After Convention, both of us became fully involved in the business. We learned a lot from the ma business. Our ma business was growing alongside our personal growth. When our income reached the Professional Coordinator level, Rose finally closed her traditional business and has been building the ma business full time since then. More and more quality people became UnFranchise Owners with us; many of them are professionals such as professors, engineers, accountants, doctors, etc. They see a bright future through the ma vision. We are so happy to see many business partners jump Pin Levels with us.

The second lesson we learned was that teamwork is the key to success. The world becomes a village. People are related to each other more tightly than ever right now. We so appreciate the person who introduced OPC-3 and the ma business to us. We are so glad to have good leaders who never gave up on us.

What we love about Market America is the fact that ma is not only a business designed for average people, but a system to convert an average person to a marketing professional. It teaches you how to prioritize things in your life, how to manage time, how to make a decision, and how to deal with people. Through the ma training system, NMTSS, you will build the right attitude and knowledge, and establish good habits. Those will help you overcome obstacles and frustration in your journey to success.

Right now, we are enjoying the benefits and lifestyle of the ma business. The same opportunity is here for you to pursue your American Dream.

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