Ron & Kathy Kiepert
Supervising Coordinator

"Only when you are no longer afraid will you begin to live."
Earning Level

$7,500 - $9,999

PIN Level

Supervising Coordinator



Everyone deserves to have the life they've dreamed about for themselves and their families, but many people don't realize that their quality of life is determined by the quality of their decisions.

Like most people, we were working hard in Corporate America and trusting that every year would bring us closer to our dreams. Long work hours were not part of our dreams of quality family time. When we were presented with the UnFranchise® business plan, we saw it as a low-risk decision to potentially do something outside of the Corporate America "box" that could improve our lives.

Most people settle for crumbs because they lack the confidence to choose an outside-of-the-box alternative to what all of their friends and families are conforming to. They compare themselves to those who have less in order to feel better about themselves, or they compare themselves to those who have more and feel inadequate and envious. After two years of building our UnFranchise Business part time, being downsized from Corporate America became a blessing rather than a curse. You cannot put a price on having total control of your time and being able to be there for those who matter most.

The Corporate Team consistently fulfills their promises and our business gets better and better each year. That is most definitely something that cannot be said for the corporate world. Most people just don't know any better; we are hoping to enlighten them. In addition, we have made very close life-long friends because of this business and that is priceless.

Doesn't it only make sense to open your mind and consider that there could be a better way? Imagine being able to make a difference AND be rewarded financially for doing so. In the traditional business world, those that are in "giving" professions normally realize that they are also "giving up" a good income. Becoming an Independent Distributor with Market America allows you to achieve both, as well as personal growth. It's a win-win decision.


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