Rick & Holly Howroyd
Executive Supervising Coordinator

Earning Level

$15,000 - $17,999

PIN Level

Executive Supervising Coordinator



This business gives my husband and me incredible freedom and peace. I'm thrilled I made the decision to leave my 14-year advertising career 15 years ago and build my UnFranchise® Business full time.

The best part was meeting my husband Rick at one of the company events and working together to help him leave his 25-year career in the hotel and restaurant business over nine years ago. We are completely independent entrepreneurs. No longer do we have the stress of commuting to work every day. We schedule our work around our lives, and are able to be there at a moment’s notice whenever our family needs us. As long as we have access to our phone and computer, we can work and live wherever we choose.

We've always had a passion for wellness and nutrition, and it's extremely rewarding to be able to help change lives through our healthy lifestyle programs and top-notch nutraceuticals. Corporate America took a toll on our own health, an experience that led to us to pursue integrative wellness. Thanks to extensive training offered by the company, we are Certified Nutraceutical Consultants and Certified Weight-Management Coaches and Trainers who implement custom health solutions into a variety of health professionals’ offices and fitness centers. We also work one-on-one with our own clients to help them achieve optimal health. As long as we are helping others with our products or the business, we are successful! Holly is known for her passionate, interactive lectures emphasizing basic principles of natural health, chronic disease prevention, age management and intelligent approaches for healthy weight management.

Rick and I are filled with emotion as we think about the leaders from all over the country who took the time to reach out and help us along the way. We are blessed to have wonderful, entrepreneurial-spirited partners who will be our friends for life. We feel privileged to be able to impact other people's lives by helping them support their health and achieve their dreams through our wonderful business.

Time is a precious gift — don't waste another minute. Live the most joyful life possible. We look forward to your success!


Rick & Holly Howroyd


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