Rick & Cindy Hannon

Although no one can go back and have a brand new start, anyone can start from right now and have a brand new ending!
Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

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I was introduced to the idea of working from home in 1979, through the Amway Corporation. I had been working as a landscape contractor and was attracted to the possibilities of working part time from home to earn an ongoing income.

I met JR Ridinger in 1980 after becoming frustrated with Amway, and was personally sponsored by him in Olde Worlde Products. It was there that Jim trained me in the Basic 5 and how to grow organizations.

When I became an Independent Distributor for Market America in 1992, I was again personally sponsored by JR. This time JR had a program average people could actually make money doing. The 17 years since then have been incredible - with currently over 50 Directors and above in the Million Dollar Club!

My wife Cindy and I are grateful for everything our partnership with Market America has given us. We enjoyed home-schooling Timothy, our 18 year old son who is currently in college, plus we have the freedom to take entire summers off and spend them with my family and friends at our summer home in the Thousand Islands area of Ontario, Canada.

Through the years we have had new adventures as a result of our involvement with Market America. I had been asked to serve in Australia as Director of Field Expansion and spent 18 months doing that; there we were able to help Australians realize their dreams of time freedom and financial independence, and help build and train new organizations for Market Australia while enjoying the country with our son. What a great experience that has been for us. We now have another extended family we love and a great church to worship in while we are in Sydney. We plan to travel there every year from now on.

Currently we are have almost finished building our dream Victorian home, custom built on our property in Long Island. We are also able to give plenty of money to our church, other churches and mission programs around the USA and the globe. We currently support four children through Compassion International and we just added another child we help support in India.

God Bless Market America!


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