Pam & Tony Bowling
Executive Field Vice President

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing" — help many others get what they want or need and you will get more than you can imagine.
Earning Level

$45,000 - $62,999

PIN Level

Executive Field Vice President



This has been a great year! We love having a home-based Independent UnFranchise® business. If you would investigate the possibilities Market America offers with the UnFranchise System, you would never want to do anything else again.

For years, we struggled with our traditional business, traveling and being out of town three to four days a week, working long hours just to keep the business going. We did this for many years, but now, with our UnFranchise® business, we have the time freedom people dream about and an incredible income to boot. All the stress is gone from the rat race (which, by the way, in my opinion, the rats are winning). We sympathize with the people who still have to deal with the everyday stress of making ends meet. If only they would investigate the possibilities Market America offers with the UnFranchise System, they would never want to do anything else again.

We just purchased a second home in Maryland and a new BMW X5 to travel back and forth from Maryland to Florida. When it's too cold in Maryland, we head to Florida, and when it's too hot in Florida, we head to Maryland. Of course, we have still maintained our debt-free philosophy. This was our number one goal when we started our Market America business and remains a requirement for us in all our purchases. We enjoy the thrill of writing a check for the things we purchase and the peace that comes from knowing everything we have is all paid for; no bills, period! What a wonderful life as an UnFranchise Owner, and the following is our story:

Market America has been an unbelievable dream-come-true for us. It truly has been, and continues to be, a modern-day miracle! When we were first introduced to the Market America business opportunity, we were experiencing serious trouble with our photography business. Tony was senior vice president of a publicly-traded company and Pam was a regional director for the same company. The business took an irreversible turn for the worse and we began desperately looking for other opportunities where we could work together. We could see the writing on the wall. The industry we were in failed to keep up with the changing times and many companies were going out of business, including ours. Since necessity requires decision, we had to find a better way if we expected to survive. When Tony talked to our sponsor for the first time on the phone, he explained why Market America was so different and that we should take a look. After watching the video he sent, Tony met him halfway, in Philadelphia, since we lived in Baltimore and he lived in New York. After looking at the business plan in detail the third time, Tony decided to become an Independent Distributor. Shortly after that, our sponsor was lured away by what looked liked greener pastures and quit, and we were faced with the prospect of building our Market America business without a coach. Fortunately, JR and Loren came to our rescue with some coaching and for that we are eternally grateful.

If you have the desire, it doesn't matter whether your sponsor is good or not, or if you even have one. Everything you need to succeed in Market America is within reach. Once you master the systems that Market America has in place, it is possible to create a huge business with a secure ongoing income. The amazing thing is that anyone who wants to change his or her life can do it with the UnFranchise System. It will take time, a lot of consistent effort and an unshakable faith that it will happen for you like it has for so many others. No matter what, if you never, never give up (rest sometime if you must) and never quit, you will succeed by following the system. In accordance with our debt-free philosophy, we disciplined ourselves to save up and purchase a home without a mortgage and have remained totally debt-free. We caught up on all the family reunions we had been putting off while we were building our business.

It's said that "success comes to those who make the greatest sacrifices." We believe that is true. Looking back now, we gave up everything: our social activities (except those that provide possibilities for the business), personal and time-consuming activities like watching TV, golf and all the things we loved to do that did not have a monetary return — everything except our spiritual time that helped us get through the rough beginning. We now have joined a country club where we live and enjoy playing golf a couple of times a week. We are active in our church locally and are able to be substantial financial contributors and missions supporters. We had put off a lot of things while we were building our business, but everything was worth the wait because now we can do them without going second-class.

When we were down and out, we prayed for an opportunity. We feel God answered our prayers and blessed us with Market America, JR, Loren, the Corporate Team and all our new friends. We've been blessed with an incredible group of leaders in our organization, and our success is only significant because so many others are succeeding too.

The best advice we could give to everyone is never look back, keep getting up if you fall, and in time, you will become a "hopeless success" like us — two average people who followed the proven UnFranchise® System. We went from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity. Why not you; why not now? We believe you can, too!


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