Nina Hale
Sr. Executive Field Vice President

Earning Level

$63,000 - $79,999

PIN Level

Sr. Executive Field Vice President



I came to this country from Taiwan 25 years ago. I have always considered myself a very lucky person. In the last 20 years, I have had an import and export company, a real estate firm and a car wash business.

I have three beautiful kids: two sons and one daughter. My husband, an orthopedic surgeon, has always supported me in any business I had. He especially recognized the genius of JR and the opportunities of the Plan. From the standpoint of time invested, nothing has been nearly as rewarding as Market America.

The real reward has been that I have been freed from unending toil and have time to enjoy my family and fulfill my role as a wife and mother. My family wholeheartedly endorses the new "me."

My quality of life has improved dramatically. I can work regular hours while making a six-figure income. I can sit down to dinner with my family without fear of phone interruption. I am a better role model for my children, who get to see me in action as a successful businesswoman.

It is worth whatever it takes to get this business going. You must be passionate, be persistent and never give up. You must work the system and work as a team. The most important thing is to be self-disciplined and committed to the regular attendance of NMTSS events. You must work smarter, not just harder.

Every day, I thank JR and Loren for their vision, and my sponsor, my sister Joanne Hsi, for her support and persistence, and all of my associates. Without their hard work and belief, I would not have achieved this level so quickly.

Market America is the most fun and rewarding business in the world. This is probably the only true wealth-building system left for the average person. I am honored and proud to be part of the Market America family.


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