Lynn Mitschke

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




Life teaches us that we have to work hard. What it doesn't teach us, though, is that we should find a way to work hard for ourselves. Oftentimes, owning and managing a business seem to be beyond our reach and abilities.

Market America's UnFranchise® System offers us that opportunity to break out of working for someone else and concentrate our efforts into developing a positive financial solution for ourselves as business owners. Five and a half years ago when I began my business with Market America, I was virtually chained to my job as a nursing director that consumed 60 hours per week of my time with my effort and energy directed at the success of the organization. While my career was rewarding, it had many personal and financial limitations.

Less than two years after starting my part-time business, I had matched my income that I spent many years and much education developing. I made the choice to retire from that career and now feel financially secure without the time constraints that a traditional job imposed upon me.

I was unsure of my decision at first. Now I realize that it was absolutely the correct decision in every way. I truly enjoy working with people, training, teaching and mentoring others as they travel that path to success. I have met many wonderful individuals all over the country who have enriched my life.

Time is a precious gift. It is really all we have that has meaning. We all have 24 hours every day for as long as we live. If I had never put the effort and work into this, I would never have had the time I now have to enjoy life.

I am more than grateful for the opportunity, as well as the leadership of others who have helped me along the way. Expanding my business into Phoenix, Ari. and getting to know another area of the country has been most interesting and fun.

I love to watch others realize that they too have this same chance. This is a business of tremendous personal growth. Imagine that by helping two individuals get what they desire, you will be automatically rewarded. It doesn't get much better than that. This system is unique and powerful; it must be experienced to be completely understood. I look forward to the coming year and all that it will bring in all of our lives. As I see and hear the Corporate Team, led by JR and Loren, planning diligently for the future of this company and for us, I realize how powerful a dream can be. This is a life changing business and an incredible opportunity for all.


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