Lou Manfredi
Field Vice President

I truly believe what goes around comes around. If you help people get what they want you automatically get what you want.
Earning Level

$36,000 - $44,999

PIN Level

Field Vice President



When we launched our career as Market America Independent Distributors in October 1993, I came to realize that the only difference between someone just starting and myself is time. This is true ONGOING INCOME.

What's even more exciting to me is that when Frank Keefer sponsored me on Oct. 6, 1993, Market America was only about 20 percent of what it is today. I'm talking about the improvements to the Online Shopping Portal, the NMTSS, the UFMS and the support materials. A person starting today has much more to work with than we did just 21 years ago. That means the time difference can be compressed for you, the new person and the existing UnFranchise® Owners.

Folks, the system is in place for you. The big money has not been earned yet. The Management Performance Compensation Plan is the best I've seen in my 31 years in this industry. I have been involved with many direct sales companies prior to Market America. They all said they were the best. Most of them are no longer in business. They all promised me the moon and the stars, but it never happened. When I met JR for the first time in 1993, I looked into his eyes and saw his heart. It was his belief that we would make it work with honesty and integrity that I had never seen before in my career of direct sales. With all the adversity I had been through in 10 years with those other companies — all the failures, all the broken promises, all the shattered dreams — for the first time it hit me. This one is real. It was a magical experience.

Just as JR and Loren have dreams and goals, we also have dreams and goals. The UnFranchise System has enabled Charlotte and me to enjoy tremendous wealth. We have purchased a new home and new vehicles, and travel everywhere. We love the islands and go there at least four times a year. We are now living our dream. Most people work 40 years looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and never find it. We found it by believing in JR and the UnFranchise System. It worked for us because we worked the system.

Before you begin your career as a Market America Independent Distributor, you must have dreams and goals. Ask yourself this question, "How would my life be different if I had an extra $2,100 a week?" Too many people have had their dreams squashed by either their family and friends or the corporate world. Start believing in yourself! That is your first step — believe that you can do it. Don't let anyone get in your way. Always remember this: Dreams are the road map to reality. One of the keys to your success with Market America is for you to help two people earn $2,100 a week. When you truly want to help others succeed, you succeed!


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