Lisa & Paul Carlotta
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



Losing two small businesses in one year would send any ordinary couple into personal and financial ruin. We are no exception. It took plenty of intestinal fortitude and time to accept the failure and loss of our American Dream.

Thankfully, determination and resiliency are characteristics we possess. With a new, "non-traditional" business opportunity before us called Market America, we set out to capture the financial freedom that eluded us, which so many people desperately want and need.

With blind faith and hard work, we are in a much better financial position than ever before. We determined what direction our business would take, and how we — as a team — would build this business to a substantial, ongoing income. Our daughter was young and vibrant, and it was our decision for Lisa to stay home to raise her. We could have used additional income at the time, but parenting was more important. Paul worked hard in the field, never missing a Second Look, Local Seminar, District Rally or Convention. This is what it takes. There are no shortcuts to success. We spent four years using the products, selling the products, showing the Plan and promoting and attending the events. That's it!

Today, we have two great children. Our daughter is a vibrant, intelligent 10-year-old and our six-year-old son loves golfing and boating with his dad. It is our job to raise our children to be happy, quality human beings. It all starts at home. We spend so much time together because we can. Our efforts allow us to send our child to a superior school, one that fosters independence, creativity, discipline, respect for education, and a love for America. We live in a dream house on the water, watching geese families swim by, or eagles hunt for prey. The wind blows through the pine trees and we hear it, soak it all in, and enjoy it. Life moves at our own pace. Market America can help you achieve this level of peace if you are ready and willing to accept the challenge.


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