Linda Tan
Senior Master Coordinator

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing (at all)." - Helen Keller
Earning Level

$3,000 - $4,499

PIN Level

Senior Master Coordinator



Hi, I'm Linda Tan. I'm married and a mother of two. Prior to Market Singapore®, I was a marketing researcher. I'm now a full-time UnFranchise® Owner.

It was with this sense of adventure that I became an UnFranchise Owner and what an exhilarating journey it has been for me! What I took as a leap of faith has led to tremendous personal growth and expanded my reach and possibilities to make a difference in the lives of many. I believe the SHOP.COM opportunity is for everyone. What it takes is belief, a sense of adventure, and the courage and tenacity to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way. It is a system of leverage and duplication and as long as you are willing to learn, unlearn and relearn, you will enjoy the journey of personal growth, taking back control of your time and working towards gaining financial freedom as well.

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