Lihua & Yimin Wu & Huang

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




We are so happy to have reached another Pin Level!

Market America has provided a wonderful opportunity for everyone. By implementing and following the proven UnFranchise® System, individual UnFranchise Owners are able to achieve time freedom and financial independence. Our success, along with that of many other Independent Distributors with Market America, has proven the absolute power of the system.

We had tried many businesses before, but we had to give them up one after another as we did not have sufficient money to pay for the endless overhead required for running them. As new immigrants in Canada, we were not socially well-connected, and we couldn't afford to take too much financial risk. Luck began to strike us when we were introduced to Market America's UnFranchise business system! We joined Market America simply because we loved the MPCP model where BV is allowed to flow 100 percent up to the top of the sales organizations without the slightest deduction. A good system sells itself! It is JR's genius in the design that inspires the power of teamwork! With this system, which is further empowered by the great vision and superb leadership of the company, Market America has trained thousands and thousands of average people and has enabled them to be financially successful under the conditions of commitment, effort, and following the system.

Through its Mall Without Walls™, Market America offers a large number and variety of high-standard, high-quality, market-driven and competitively priced products to end customers so UnFranchise Owners can earn regular commission checks based on the MPCP's BV system. In addition, Market America is in partnership with an increasing number of popular and well-known partner stores. This creative development generates another source of income for the committed UnFranchise owners to earn extra income from the MPCP's IBV system. And even more excitingly, Market America, for now and for a long period of time ahead, is positioned for explosive growth domestically in North America as well as globally across other continents.

We never dreamed of achieving so much in so short a period of time in a land where we almost knew nobody and had no money to start with. Market America makes our American dream come true. So, thank you, JR, and thank you, Market America!

The examples of income shown for individual Market America UnFranchise® Owners featured here are not intended to be representative of the earnings of any specific class of Market America UnFranchise Owners, nor are they intended to represent that any given UnFranchise Owners will earn income in that amount. The success of any Market America Independent UnFranchise Owner will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent and dedication which he or she devotes to building his or her Market America Business. Market America and its affiliates do not necessarily endorse or support the statements made by the UnFranchise Owner here. Market America shall not be held responsible for any claim made by UnFranchise Owners.

*The policy applies to Market America, Inc., and its affiliates.

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