Kimberly F Fenter
Master Coordinator

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney
Earning Level

$3,000 - 0

PIN Level

Master Coordinator



I was a stay-at-home mom, making jewelry and selling at wholesale. I registered my UnFranchise Business in 2008. Looking back, I am very thankful for the introduction to Market America, and for the lifelong friendships I have made along the way!

I was introduced to Market America by a friend whom I had worked for in the past. Knowing my friend's business ethics and professionalism, I decided to register my own UnFranchise Business. My business launch was a slow one, as I did not realize the magnitude of potential that I had in my possession! Fast forward nine years. I made a 2017 New Year’s resolution, "Follow the Market America business Plan; treat this business as the successful business opportunity that it is!” I followed the Basic 5, joined accountability groups, attended weekly UnFranchise Business Presentations and Home Business Presentations (vowing to bring a guest to each), attended trainings and events, participated in all challenges, and made weekly calls to my business mentors/partners! In one year my UnFranchise Level changed from Executive Coordinator to Master Coordinator, my commission checks are consistent and my partners have grown in numbers. Leading by example, I consistently practice all of the habits that I mentioned above, and in addition I duplicate what I have been taught by some of the best business mentors. In duplicating their actions I now lead weekly Zoom conference calls with my team members and invite non-financially connected partners to participate; I meet with my business partners (in person, or by Zoom conferencing) weekly; I host goal setting and dream-board parties. In 2017, I spoke, on stage, with Sharon Lawrence and Lynn Briand at the first annual nutraMetrix Convention, and I was recognized as a TLS Challenge Winner at the Northeast Regional Conference. In 2018, I will be recognized at the Market America 2018 International Convention as a nutraMetrix Challenge Winner AND a TLS Challenge Winner! I am thankful each day for the successful UnFranchise Business model that is shared with us. I am thankful for the mentors that lead with the intention to create each individual's success. And I am thankful for all of the friends I have made along the way!

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