Kelly & Vicki Whited

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




Change is only a decision and an action plan away. We were ready for a change and when Market America came along, it gave us the perfect action plan.

Walt and Carolyn Black came to our house to speak with us about how we could leverage our time, help a lot of people, and become financially secure. Even though we were skeptical, it was exciting to see how the UnFranchise® System would help us make an ongoing income, working part-time through a proven system.

At the time, Vicki was a registered nurse working long hours and, oftentimes, double shifts in the emergency room, and I was running a large painting company. Both jobs provided excellent income but at the sacrifice of our family, our health and our hobbies.

Vicki started in the nursing profession to help people, but was often frustrated with the bureaucracy of insurance companies, the demands of the doctors, administrators and unbelievable health risks. Market America has allowed her to continue helping people through the fantastic products in our Mall Without Walls™ and generously giving of her time to the benefit of others. Being able to help people both physically and financially is very rewarding, and helping others by sharing what the products have done for us just comes naturally. Because of that, I am on a mission to help everyone get what they want out of life.

Because of the UnFranchise® System, Vicki has also enjoyed the luxury of spending time and money where she feels it is most important and enjoyable, and that is with the family and especially the grandchildren.

After being a teacher for six years, Kelly thought owning your own business was the way to go, but little did he know that over the next eight years, the business would own him! He was always battling the cost of materials, finding enough work to keep the employees busy or enough employees to handle the work. Then, when he finally had the right person to handle the job, that person would undercut the company and start his own business, becoming his competition and Kelly would be back to square one. Couple that with collecting the money from the builders and it became a very stressful way to try to build wealth. Kelly is often asked what happened to the business when he had replaced the income with Market America. His answer is, "I gave it to the employees. People say that it was very generous of me, but I was just getting even with them."

We have been able to help dozens of people walk away from the 45-Year Plan, have built an ongoing income, and physically we are in the best shape of our adult years, and we are with a company that offers us the brightest of all futures.

I want to thank our team of business partners for all that they do, and JR for giving Vicki and me a chance to have true success in life. We also want to say thank you for the mentoring from Kevin Buckman and Dennis Franks. Without their leadership, integrity and tireless efforts, many of us would have faltered. We love you both! And finally, to our family who treats us as royalty. With your belief and love, we know we can accomplish anything. Thank you!


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