John & Tracy Lin
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



After 10 and a half years with Market America, we are more convinced than ever and have built more belief in the business! Following in the footsteps of CEO JR Ridinger was the best decision we ever made.

We never dreamed that, with our background, we would be making this much money, but Market America has shown us that we can accomplish anything if we put our hearts into it. The powerful UnFranchise® System allows us to be able to earn a stable income and the recognition and respect of others.

Market America's motto has always been, "First help others become successful, and then you will be successful." We just want to reaffirm the validity of this statement. This business is very different from other traditional businesses. It utilizes the power of the Internet to conveniently allow consumers to purchase and use many unique and high-tech products. While enjoying the products, you are also building a business, and in just a couple of years, you can see it grow into a powerful source of ongoing income. Market America has changed our quality of life dramatically into the dream we would never have dreamed of before. The proven UnFranchise Business System has taught us how to be our own boss and how to manage our own business on an international scale.

We would like to thank the corporate team and the Mandarin Chinese customer service department. The corporate team has given us the best Mandarin Chinese customer service available to help people like us, who only use English as a second language.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank each and every one of our team members. Without their love and hard work, we would not be where we are today. We also would like to thank our sideline business partners and leaders from the area, friends who are supportive of us with great love and passion. We are truly grateful and appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Let us work together and reach our dreams and goals together. Good luck and best wishes in the Market America business. See you all at the top!

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