John And Susan Parnell

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




We all make choices in our lives. Our position in life has a direct correlation to the choices we have made along the way. We are so grateful that Market America presented itself in our lives back in November 1995.

Before Market America, we owned a chain of dry-cleaning stores. We worked long, hard hours away from our three children and experienced long, stressful days. At the time, we thought we had no choice, no way out. We felt trapped! How could we make a change in our life with three young children to feed? We continued to operate our lives feeling like we had no other choice, no other option. Then, Market America entered our lives. Seeing the marketing plan for the first time was like a revelation. The feeling of hope was restored. Yes, we did have a choice to change our lives for the better. This business has been the greatest gift we could have ever given our family. The positive attitude we have reinforced in our children is priceless. We encourage them daily to stand up for what they believe in, even if it is not popular with their peers. Self-growth and self-confidence are so important at any age. Market America continues to grow and so do we! It has been an incredible journey, but we realize now we've only just begun.


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