Jian Guan

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




After using Market America's supplements with satisfaction, I was told that I could achieve ongoing income while by working the Two- to Three-Year Plan.

I met a Market America UnFranchise® Owner and she helped me, my husband and my son create tailored nutrition plans. After several months of using the supplements with satisfaction, I was told that I could create an ongoing income while enjoying the health benefits by working on the Two- to Three-year Plan. Wondering if this was true, our whole family went to Market America’s International Convention. As a professor and scholar, I have attended many academic conferences and observed several United Nations conventions, but there was nothing like this — dreams, hopes and beliefs! I let my tears run. My son — then a five-year-old sitting by my side — asked why I was crying. I told him that I recognized people on the stage. He said, “that’s okay, mom; but not everyone can be on the stage.”

My son was right. Not everyone was asked to be on the stage, but I wanted and I could because I found a system that I could lever on. It is a helping system: by helping others to succeed, one can be successful. How wonderful is that! It is also rational — the system will not work if you don’t wok on it. Whoever holds the marks will be successful! When we packed to move from Winsor to Toronto two years later, the truck driver teased my son, “you have so many chairs.” My son looked at him with surprise, “you don’t know that my Mom is very famous — many people come to listen to her!”

It took me six years to get an ongoing income. But who cares how long it was? If I did not chose to do it, I would never have it. During those six years, I was a full-time teacher, a mom and owner of a training school. But to earn the professor’s income, I had to study in China, the United Kingdom and the United States, and then taught in many universities. That six-year effort was really not that long at all, but as of now, I am close to getting a third “professor’s income”. It took me only three years this time! It is all about the system, duplication and multiplication.

My husband is also a professor, and he gives me a lot of pressure when he asks whether a particular member of my team has made enough money. It sounds like I am also responsible for her/his success in this business! As a leader, the Market America system give me great power to help and a great sense of control. I am overwhelmed when calculating my team’s total commissions very week. When I look beyond my own income, I understand that I have not only materialized my own dream, but also I have been able to help others to realize their dreams. Among all the universities I have taught, only the Market America University provides such a practical platform!

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