Jeff & Jacque Birchman

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




We were searching for something to replace Jacque's teaching income when we were introduced to Market America in July 1998. Initially, it was the products that had an effect on our lives.

Within a short time, we really began to understand the power and possibilities this business has to offer.

Now, we have achieved a level of financial independence that allows us to make decisions without first considering finances. We now have choices and options in our lives that we did not think were possible.

In the last year, we have gained a greater appreciation for building this business. Everyone has times in life when things happen and you must focus your attention away from your job or business to other matters. For most people, it's very hard to give the necessary time and attention when they have a traditional job or business. That's the power a Market America business provides. It allows you time away and continues to pay you an ongoing income for the work you have already done.

This truly is a business that allows average people to earn above-average incomes and change their lives. The only requirement to be successful is a willingness to work hard and never give up. By taking the focus off yourself and putting it on others, you naturally succeed and attain your goals.

Market America has given us the ability to dream again. We have made many wonderful friends through Market America and feel a great sense of satisfaction when we can help someone. Helping other people achieve their dreams on the way to achieving our dreams is a rewarding way to live your life.

Thanks to JR and the Corporate Team for providing vision, dedication and this great opportunity.


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