Isabelle Siciliano
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



When my husband, Jerry Siciliano, decided to come out of retirement for Market America, I knew it had to be something great! We had already begun to liquidate our existing businesses and had just started to relax.

Then in 1992, when Jerry and JR met, something stronger took hold. Jerry saw the vision and dedication JR had in the company and the people.

Jerry was involved with product development and the Certified Trainers program and many other aspects of the company's growth. We spent many hours at the home office sharing JR's visions for Market America's future.

This great company has not only helped people monetarily, but it has done something much more for them. It has helped them develop through personal growth. Jerry always believed that each Independent Distributor had the ability to become a success if they choose to, and I feel the same way. It works, if you work it.

That was my husband Jerry's dream — to have people trained for success, not just told about it. To have Distributors teaching each other, using the knowledge they had, while helping the company grow and at the same time helping themselves to achieve their dreams and desires.

Jerry always told stories about the eagle. The eagle symbolized what Jerry stood for and it is fitting that Market America has chosen the fighting eagle to represent the Jerry Siciliano Award. The eagle has great vision — it flies into the storm and rises above it.

Market America went through some difficult times in the beginning and still many Distributors had the insight to take the "arrows." Even Elizabeth Weber was being enticed to go to another company, but Jerry had the inclination to speak to her, and as you know, she is still an Independent Distributor with Market America.

Years ago, when we were just dating, Jerry had a cousin who thought she could foresee the future. She always told him he would leave a legacy. Little did she know that one day, Jerry would find Market America and that would come true. Since Jerry's passing I am still seeing the benefits of being involved with this company and what my husband Jerry stood for, in the hearts and minds of the Market America Distributors.

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