Haiwang & Yingli Sun & He

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




Like many others, I had a beautiful dream when I came to this country. I believed, at the beginning, that I could have a better life by studying hard, getting a good job and earning more money. Right after I finished my Ph.D. program with a 4.

0 GPA, I found out that my dream would not come true by doing it that way. After one year and several hundred applications, I could not find a job in my field. I suddenly realized I could not make my dream become true by working for others. I started seeking possibilities for being my own boss, and I studied many business opportunities, such as importing-exporting, selling cars, owning a Chinese restaurant and so on. I found out that none of them was for me, because I did not have that much money.

My first job in this country was a nightmare for me. The company took a turn downward not long after I was hired with very low pay. I was so stressed when I saw many of my colleagues being laid off one after another. My health took a turn for the worse, too, mainly because of the emotional stress. I wondered why life was so miserable.

When my friend and sponsor introduced Market America to my wife and me, we did not think we could make so much money. In fact, I did not even pay much attention to the payment plan. After I tried OPC-3™, I thought there must be a good business behind such an amazing product. After a close study of the Plan, I couldn't sleep that night. The Plan was designed not only for me, but for people like me.

Most of us realize that it is hard for our dreams to come true by working for others. We cannot quit our current jobs to start a business because our families depend on our jobs. We cannot start one of the famous franchises because we do not have the required amount of money. We do not know if the investment is going to be profitable because the information we get is often limited. Market America's UnFranchise® System was designed for people like me. We don't need to invest a significant amount of money. We can do it in our spare time, and the hours are very flexible. Right after we started, the system puts us at the leading edge of the market in the Information Age. As long as we follow the system and are consistent and persistent, we will surely make our dream become true. There is no doubt about it.

Thank you, JR! Thank you, Corporate Team! Thank you all for supporting me and trusting me!

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