Gigi Souritzidis

This is such an incredible business;üI work with the greatest people that will be my friends forever
Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

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Thank God for this awesome company because it has truly changed our lives. Working 12-hour shifts in a hospital cardiac unit would leave me exhausted. My days off would be spent recuperating.

One day, my husband brought home a bottle of OPC-3™ and I inquired about its use. When I read the literature, I wanted to start right away. After three months of taking OPC-3, I saw benefits. It was a natural progression to start telling my friends and family about this great product.

My husband was always looking for a new business opportunity, so he brought me to see the business plan. I remember not completely understanding what I saw, but my husband was positive that this was the best plan out there.

I ran it by Dad, who was pretty skeptical as a financial planner, but when he saw the business plan, the only thing he could say was, "Man, this guy JR is a genius. I wish I thought of this!" The rest is history. I was the only one who didn't get it, but I was the one chosen to "do it."

I was concerned that I might not know how to build the business. What I found was a phenomenal team of motivated people willing to help me understand every step. There was a system in place; the leaders taught me to follow the system. Because I followed the leaders and attended the events, I started to believe that I could do this. It wasn't long after that my enthusiasm helped others believe that this could change their future, too.

Two years after starting, I made as much money as I did in nursing. I had a choice to stay home now and work my Market America business. I have never looked back. I feel in my heart that I can help more people maintain optimal health and become financially free. This is such an incredible business; I work with the greatest people that will be my friends forever. Life is exciting; my oldest son has started the business and plans on graduating college debt-free with a significant income. I believe he can do it! I believe anyone can do it if they follow the proven system. Life is too short to miss an opportunity like this one. Get started and you too can become a "hopeless success!"


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