Fred Ng
Supervising Coordinator

Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel. Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.
Earning Level

$7,500 - $9,999

PIN Level

Supervising Coordinator



The first thanks goes to my mother because without her, I wouldn't be here. The second thanks is to Market America. Without Market America, I wouldn't be able to go to Hong Kong to see my mother every year.

Market America is my life. I enjoy working with my Market America team. We are partners, we are friends, and we all can share the burdens and the happiness. When we share our burdens, the burdens become less. When we share the happiness, the happiness is doubled. Nothing can compare with the love among people. I love God! God has helped me to see myself. I love people. I found myself in Market America. I love Market America! I help people get what they want and then in turn, we get what we want. What is better than this? I dream a dream to change the world. But don't know where to start. I am just only one person, one tiny little part. They told me I could do it. If only I could see there is a way to change the world. It starts by changing me. There are four types of people in the world: 1) People who have time but no money 2) People who have money but no time. 3) People who have no time and no money 4) People who have time, money and health. When I owned my import and export business 20 years ago, I had no time and no money. When I owned my coffee business, I made millions, but I had no time. Once I found Market America, I began to have time, money and health. I am so happy to build with my sister Carmond Ng and Jenny Ng. I am able to go to Hong Kong to see my parents, brother and sisters. I can spend three months with them every year. I get paid every week no matter where I am. I can build the business and our family relationship at the same time. I treat my partners more than business partners; they are my family. One team, one dream, one family. I am not a computer programmer, and I don't know much about building a website, but I own my web-based business. Customers can shop at their favorite stores and save lots of money. By referring other people to shop, they can earn extra money. By switching our buying habits, we have a chance to start our own business. What is better that this? Be a "prosumer": make profit being a customer. I strongly recommend people to try the Two- to Three-Year Plan. Put in eight to twelve hours a week and work with your team. You don't need to give up what you are doing; you can do it part-time. Once your part-time business generates your full-time income, you don't need your full-time job, and you can have more time. When you change your thinking, you change your belief. When you change your belief, you change your expectations. When you change your expectations, you change your attitude. When you change your attitude, you change your behavior. When you change your behavior, you change your performance. When you change your performance, you change your life. The deeper your belief level, the greater your chance of success. Your attitude determines your altitude. There is a big difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not merely hopes or wishes. When my attitude is right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me. The difference is between willpower and won't power. “I can't get away” means “I won't get away.” “I can't spare the time” means “I won't spare the time.” Say “can't” and you won't. Say “can” and you will. If you think you can't, you can't. If you think you can, you can. There are two kinds of people in the world, winners and losers. Winners find the way to win. Losers find excuses to lose. Which one do you want to be? We are what we think, so think positive. I came to Canada in 1989, and I don't have a university degree. I don't want to work for somebody and make that somebody rich. I want to work for myself and make myself rich. I want to work hard for something I can own. Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to make us or break us. The choice is whether we become victims or victors. What do you choose?

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