Frank & Gingie Keefer
Sr. Executive Field Vice President

Earning Level

$63,000 - $79,999

PIN Level

Sr. Executive Field Vice President



Frank and Gingie Keefer had a dream. Accomplishing that dream became their life goal. They were fueled by a passion to succeed and the self-confidence of knowing they would.

Their dream wasn't about a beautiful home or an exotic vacation. Nor was it about fancy cars or boats. It wasn't about fame or fortune. It was simply to be together.

Frank had been financially successful. He and Gingie had traveled the world. They lived in a historic mansion. They had nice cars. But the cost of that lifestyle had been time away from each other. They came to the realization that "stuff" could always be acquired, but time, once lost, was lost forever.

They had made a very expensive real estate purchase based on commissions owed Frank. When the company that Frank worked for, a Fortune 500 corporation, reneged on paying the commissions, over a million dollars, the Keefers were stuck with enormous debt. Satisfying that debt over the next two years cost them their life savings. They were very near declaring bankruptcy when, fortunately, they were able to sell the property. But, they had no cash left. Financially, the only way they could continue to live comfortably, without eventually losing everything they had worked for their entire lives, was for Frank to continue as an executive in the corporate world. The price was too high.

The Keefers stumbled onto Market America in late 1993. It was a fledgling company. While it was short on products and track record, it was based on the unbelievable concept that the average person who made the decision to rise above mediocrity had the opportunity to earn an ongoing, six-figure income.

They saw the opportunity to not only maintain their lifestyles, but to be together. They made the decision to put everything on the line and go for it. Frank vowed he'd live in a tree house before going back to corporate America. Failure was not an option. So, at nearly 50 years of age, Frank and Gingie rolled up their sleeves and went to work. The rest is history.

They quickly found that the secret to success was to help others become successful. A secondary goal was born — to create more top money earners with a lower attrition rate in a shorter period of time than anyone in the history of the industry. A little more than three years later when Frank was unexpectedly sidelined with health problems, three quarters of the Market America Advisory Council members — those who are Directors and higher — were in their organization. They had achieved both goals.

Along the way, they were offered the opportunity to impact the development of Market America. Frank was appointed the first director of training. The NMTSS, a carbon copy of the U.S. Army Special Forces operational plan (which is designed to teach a 12-man Green Beret team how to build a 1,500-man guerrilla army) was born. He developed a number of innovative training techniques and put teeth into compliance with a corporate-approved training policy. He also created top-selling audiotapes that simplified the mechanics of success. He became one of the most sought-after speakers in the company.

Gingie, too, made valuable contributions. So impressed was the late Jerry Siciliano, vice president of training, with Gingie's thematic displays, that he dubbed her the "Mother of Market America Product Displays" and had her come into the home office to teach display techniques to aspiring Certified Trainers as well as travel around the country to teach her techniques at Regional Conventions.

By putting everything on hold except Market America, they built a multimillion-dollar business and ongoing income in only three years. They had succeeded so that others could achieve their dreams. They are humbled to talk about their financial success and material possessions, but to reach their home on their 10-acre waterfront estate, you must travel down a half-mile private driveway through nature and 100-foot hardwood trees. Their home, a converted barn and silo built in 1820, sits on a point of land where the beautiful Wye River and East Wye River converge. They are surrounded by 3,000 feet of shoreline and have their own private beach and pier, off of which they fish and crab.

Their home, the Wye Barn, was the site of the 1998 Mid-East Peace Accords. Shortly before his death in 1999, King Hussein of Jordan remarked that it was the most beautiful place he had ever visited. The Keefer estate is a Noah's Ark of animals. Daily, they see deer, fox, raccoon, opossum, groundhogs, rabbits and a variety of turtles, frogs and squirrels, which Gingie feeds by hand. They have a pair of bald eagles that live in a 150-foot oak tree only 25 yards from their front door, a family of osprey that live offshore just a few yards from their screened gazebo, a flock of swans that swim by every day and a huge blue heron that lives in the reeds under their pier. Gingie has identified 38 different species of wild birds, from goldfinches to bluebirds (a family lives in their own miniature gazebo only a few feet from their back deck). Every spring, they enjoy swimming with a school of migrating skates (rays).

The forest surrounding their home is abundant with hundreds of thousands of wild flowers, raspberries, blackberries and several dozen different types of trees. They have planned several natural gardens that add to the ambience.

Their estate also boasts a world-class clay tennis court on which a former U.S vice president has played, as well as a recreational facility, weight room, martial arts studio and massage room comparable to that of the finest spas. They own, free and clear, a couple of Mercedes sports cars, an SUV, a conversion van and a beaten-up pickup truck. They also own a mobile home and several boats, jet skis and kayaks. All are absolute top of the line. They entertain outdoors around a huge stone fire pit that Frank built.

More important than all of that "stuff," they have time together. They also have security. When Frank was diagnosed with a terminal illness several years ago and his life expectancy was measured in weeks, they were secure in knowing that in the event of Frank's death, Gingie and the kids would be taken care of.

The Keefers' advice: Dream the impossible dream. Develop a burning desire to achieve that dream. Put that desire into action. Believe in yourself and know that your dream will come true. And, it will!


Frank & Gingie Keefer
Frank & Gingie Keefer
Frank & Gingie Keefer
Frank & Gingie Keefer
Frank & Gingie Keefer


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