Ernie & Jeannette Heikes
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



Another great year with Market America! We love what this wonderful company offers to its UnFranchise® Owners. Who would ever believe that you could own a home-based business and earn a significant income. Looks too good to be true?

Well, it's not. You see, Market America is not a traditional direct sales company. It's in a league by itself, leading the parade with One-to-One Marketing and Mass Customization. What sets Market America apart from other companies is our Mall without Walls™ concept, Binomial Expansion System and National Meeting, Training and Seminar System.

The Market America business opportunity has changed our lives dramatically. We were teachers for 31 years and were fast reaching retirement age. Our financial plans at retirement were only going to allow us to basically live; there would not be any extra income to travel or buy the luxuries we always dreamed of doing when we retired.

When Stacy, our youngest daughter, and her husband, David, called us about Market America, we were skeptical, but we decided to at least give it a try. In fewer than 18 months, we were able to replace Ernie's income as a teacher, and in two years we were making significant income. What we really liked about the UnFranchise business was that you could own your own business without giving up your current job, there was almost no financial risk to getting started and the company had a training system to help you start your business.

These things were huge in our decision to give it a try. Most traditional businesses have huge start-up costs and the chance for failure is extremely high. The two main reasons why traditional businesses do not make it are a lack of financial support and lack of knowledge in running the business.

As UnFranchise Owners, we are living the life we always dreamed of having. We have a nice home, a swimming pool and a spa. We drive a Lexus and a Suburban for family trips. We own several time-shares and we have been able to take our entire family on several trips to Hawaii and Disney World. Most of all, we have been able to take control of our lives for the first time since we married 42 years ago.


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