David & Stacy Whited
Executive Director

Earning Level

$25,000 - $35,999

PIN Level

Executive Director



When we started our first Independent UnFranchise® business, at the age of 23, we never imagined we would be blessed with the lifestyle we have today.

Everyone has obstacles to overcome in order to earn their freedom. We were no different. We were too young, too scared, too broke and just too busy to take on a project like the Market America business opportunity. Luckily we had a sponsor, my brother, Kelly Whited, who turned our obstacles into reasons to dig deeper than we ever thought we could.

We soon realized it was not about our resume or situation; we just had to be coachable. Market America already had the business experience, credibility and a proven track record — everything we lacked. This company awoke something inside of us that was already beginning to fade away: the ability to dream. The UnFranchise System is a dream-achieving machine. You provide the goal and the effort and whatever you want is just two to three years away!

After spreading this message for several years, we could no longer ignore the dreams that had been given to us. One was the dream of doing something tangible with Stacy's love for singing and performing. This past year, we put all of the "go for your dreams" talk into action, created stacywhited.com and moved to Nashville, Tenn. Networking skills brought us together with a former nSync producer, Kenny Lamb, to help us create Stacy's first CD, titled "Give."

The great thing is that unlike the thousands of others that do the same thing every year, we have both time and financial freedom to pursue a dream and eliminate the "starving" part of being an artist. Running an UnFranchise business truly is part time, but the income truly can be ongoing. If you are coachable, you can earn a living part time and live your life full time. So, the question is, "What do you want to do with your extra 50 hours a week?"


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