Daniel Canubas

Unless we spread our wings, we will never know how far and high we can fly.
Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

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Success is personal. For some it means a lot of money, a mansion, exotic cars or material things. But for me, success is a combination of peace of mind, good health, happy family, and time/financial freedom.

Ruth and I came to the United States from the Philippines in the early 1990s. She worked full time as a registered nurse while I looked for opportunities similar to what I had done in the Philippines — a means to earn an above-average income without a fixed work schedule. The most feasible way would be to set up a traditional business or get into sales. I lacked the startup capital and experience to begin a traditional business, so I settled for a sales job. I started out selling packaged snacks to gas stations and small grocery stores. I also sold knives for a year. Later, I began selling investment portfolios and insurance. I learned the power of ongoing income as I witnessed how my senior associates retired and still got paid without continuously working. However, building and maintaining a significant ongoing income from financial planning takes a very long time. I worked 12 hours a day prospecting and servicing my existing clients, which presented a major challenge when my family started growing. With Ruth's support, I left the industry when I found a better opportunity through Market America to build a significant ongoing income faster. I evaluated over a dozen multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, but never got involved. The concept was intriguing because of the potential ongoing income, but only a select few actually succeeded, leaving behind a trail of those who failed or quit. MLM companies mostly focused on recruiting people rather than selling or bringing the products to the end consumers. Besides, I found out that the pay plan that all MLM companies use was conceptualized and launched in the ‘50s, which is before the day of computerization. I guess it is pretty obvious that building MLM businesses now may not be as profitable and stable as it was back then. In late 1995, a former associate, Andy Webb, who turned out to be my great mentor in this business, introduced me to Market America. My knowledge of MLM made me skeptical, but also helped me realize that I was looking at a revolutionary concept. This was the opportunity that I had been searching for — a blessing from above. I became an UnFranchise® Owner in 1996 with high hopes and a determination to succeed. With conviction, hard work, and support from my mentors and my family, I was "unstoppable" during my first year in the business. Then the challenges came; my sponsor and half of my organization quit. I became inactive for two years. In 1999, I started building my UnFranchise again with the support of my wife, Ruth. Two years later, I reached the level of Director. In 2004, Ruth and I decided to go back to the Philippines with our four boys to immerse them to the Filipino culture and introduce them to our relatives. On top of that, we wanted them to appreciate what they have in life by seeing what millions of less fortunate people from other parts of the world are going through. We stayed there for two years. As expected, Market America paid us despite our absence. That is a true ongoing income. What I love about Market America is the fact that it provides this same opportunity for anyone, regardless of race and educational background, to achieve financial freedom. The playing field has been leveled for everyone. All anyone has to do is build the business the UnFranchise way! To attain financial freedom with Market America, someone needs to know specifically what his or her goals are and then build the business following the UnFranchise System. The ongoing income that can be generated is commensurate to the level or type of commitment and dedication an individual gives. If you are evaluating or looking at this business, here is my recommendation for you: why don't you try it? You can start part time, therefore, you do not have to give up what you are currently doing. And because you do not need a lot of money to get started, you literally have nothing to lose! We are now living the American dream, and you have the same opportunity if you choose to, by getting involved with the most powerful business venture for the average person.


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