Connie Laire

Earning Level

$18,000 - $24,999

PIN Level




A few short years ago, I was a single parent struggling to raise two teenage kids on a very limited income as a United Airlines flight attendant. The airline industry used to offer some semblance of income security before undergoing gross mismanagement and disasters like 9-11.

As the industry eroded, so did my earning power. I became so financially compromised that I was even forced to put my modest house payments on an endless string of credit cards that I couldn't pay off, and I desperately sought to increase my income by attempting a variety of business ventures.

I evaluated a number of avenues and had to rule out most of them. Therefore, as these options were excluded, I somehow wound up being aggressively recruited into several multi-level marketing companies like Amway with the promise that I would become wildly successful and financially independent if I joined. The end result of my association with those companies was almost total financial devastation, the alienation of my children, the racking up even more credit card debt, and I came close to losing the roof over our heads and even my elderly car.

It was then that I stumbled across Market America. I say "stumbled" because it was almost serendipitous that I found the company. No one tried to recruit me into this business.

I made my decision to develop my UnFranchise® business because there was practically no risk, and the company provided a blue-print, cookie-cutter system that guarantees success if one simply commits to following the it. I now enjoy an ongoing six-figure income. I am able to choose who I would like to work with and I am secure in the knowledge that Market America is a rock-solid, debt-free company based on integrity with a track record to prove it. The very best part is that my once-skeptical kids are now part of this great company as well. Who could ask for a better win-win situation?


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