Chwen Lim
Professional Coordinator

"Teamwork divides the EFFORT and multiplies the EFFECT" ~ Ivan Misner
Earning Level

$4,500 - $7,499

PIN Level

Professional Coordinator



I used to be very skeptical about Market America and didn't want to associate myself with it. I thought it was one of those "things".

One day, my client decided to take our design and hosted it with the Market America WebCenters® program. I was very surprised, as I thought Market America only sells supplements. With curiosity, I invited my programmer to evaluate the WebCenters® program and we started to offer the web solution to our clients. We sold two websites within the first few months. the whole sales process was simple and professional . My senior partners then encouraged me to attend the Miami Leadership School in 2005. It was there that I saw the vision of the JR, the passion of the whole Corporate Team, and that this opportunity is the solution I had been searching for; I saw the future of Internet marketing. From a case of Isotonix OPC-3® to the WebCenters program, I am now an UnFranchise® Owner; a global Internet entrepreneur. This is unbelievable! I decided to become a Certified WebCenter Trainer; I love to share this business opportunity with individuals who want to build an ongoing income and help others succeed. I am very thankful to my sponsor, Jenny Yang, for her unfailing support; to my senior leaders, Michael Meng, Min Pan and Wang Wei, Joanne Hsi for their belief in me; and to many wonderful teammates, especially Margaret Chan, who worked with me relentlessly to achieve our teammates’ goals. I sincerely thank JR and the wonderful Corporate Team for making this possible for ordinary people like me. I truly enjoy being a full-time mom and a taxi driver for my children, flexible in managing my time. I am now able to do what I like — helping clients to visualize their ideas and concepts, conducting art lessons in local school, curating exhibitions for my dad to live his legacy, and hanging out with my family and beloved friends.


Chwen  Lim


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