Carrie Smith
Professional Coordinator

When you're feeling lost or unsure of the path ahead, just remember who you're doing it for and take the first step!
Earning Level

$4,500 - $7,499

PIN Level

Professional Coordinator



The UnFranchise® Business found me when I least expected it. I was lost between being a stay-at-home mom and finding my passion again. Never in my wildest dreams did I think both could be fulfilled, while also bringing my dreams into reality!

I turned to network marketing as a way to stay "in the mix" with life and contribute to my family's income after closing my bakery to becoming a full-time, stay-at-home mom. Prior to having children, I worked a 10-year career in law enforcement and used my days off to pursue my creative passion through freelance makeup artistry and interior design jobs. I loved to be busy and make money! But, I never had time and never saw my husband or babies! When I was approached about the UnFranchise® Business, it turned out to be exactly what fulfilled my passion and allowed me to make a serious income. But, most importantly, it gave me my time back. Now, being a stay-at-home mom and successful entrepreneur, all wrapped into one, I am able to help other UnFranchise Owners find their passion and turn it into a truly gratifying career. I still do freelance makeup artistry, as it is serious food for my soul, but I have worked hard to also take back my health and wellness and coach others to do the same. When I tell you this business is a lifestyle, it truly is! It has helped morph me from the person who lived inside of her dreams at night to truly living it in real life; and that's someone I have become extremely proud to be! And my husband and children have more of me, and there's no price tag on what that's worth!

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