Bruce Roethle
Supervising Coordinator

Taking action, following a proven system, setting high standards and surrounding yourself with people of excellent character can only lead to one thing: UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS!
Earning Level

$7,500 - $9,999

PIN Level

Supervising Coordinator



My legacy to my grandkids will be knowledge, good communication skills, and a secure, stable future based on what my team has built! After 20 years in the submarine force and owning a restaurant, I know the grind of traditional business.

In a person's life there are exceptional events that are unforgettable. A birthday, a marriage, the birth of a child, a graduation etc... In my top ten is discovering the Market America business plan!

I have never in my life had as much fun as I am having building my UnFranchise® business!!!

The effect my partnership with Market America has had and will have on my wonderful daughters and my beautiful grandchildren is astonishing to say the least.

I can spend as much time with them as I want, anytime I want. How many grandparents can say that?

I spend my day with positive, happy, like-minded people who share similar goals and dreams. People who are making their dreams a reality. They are not just talking about it, but taking action and making sacrifices to achieve ongoing income and time freedom.

Can you imagine waking up and being happy and eager to start your day, filled with joy because of the opportunity ahead of you? This business can be the answer to every one of your dreams.

I used to think money was the only reason I decided to partner with Market America. Today it is time freedom and the many people I have met and made friends with throughout the country. I love to travel and it has given me the opportunity to share the business and wonderful products with people throughout our wonderful country.

I'm a cook who wanted something more for myself, something I could pass down to my kids and grandkids so they would never forget me.

There are many skeptics out there. I was one of them. Results are the only thing that gets my attention in anything. I'll bet you are the same. How do you argue with a company that has never had a down quarter in 18 years? If the business system didn't work there could not be the monumental success this company and the Independent Distributors enjoy.

What makes it more exciting is everything is based on what the AVERAGE person can do. The brilliance of the leadership is impeccable. They studied all business models and based the Market America model solely on what the average person can do. I say this twice because of the fact we have become so successful.

Now put the Independent Distributorships in front of billion and trillion dollar business trends - this sounds like a recipe for success in my book.

Imagine a world where you can actually have fun making money and being healthy. It just doesn't get any better than this!!!!

You owe it to yourself to see what the Unfranchise Business System can do for you! What can you do for your family?? To take no action at all leaves you with only the results you currently get in your life. If you want more...GO FOR IT! I and a lot of others will be there cheering you on. Yes! Total strangers cheering you on. Not a concept you see in the corporate world today. Live long, be healthy and prosper!!


Bruce Roethle
Bruce Roethle


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