Arlene Lowy
Field Vice President

Earning Level

$36,000 - $44,999

PIN Level

Field Vice President



I have always been filled with passion about the role we play in shaping the future of our world through the way we raise our children. For that reason, as a single parent, I opted to find an incredible vehicle in a home-based business to stay at home and raise my son, Jordan.

From my days as a special education teacher to financially supporting a research hospital, from growing a massive direct sales organization to raising my son, I have always had a heart for giving all those I touch the most positive outlook possible.

Before the birth of my son, my career was in special education. Although the duration was short, the lessons I learned will last a lifetime. These children were limited by what they were told all their lives they couldn't do. From the time my son was born, I was home to guide him with positive input daily.

My teaching career also taught me two valuable things about myself; one was how much I abhorred rigid rules and inflexible systems that squash creativity and the other how much I hate getting up in the wee hours of the morning.

Over the following decade, I found out how it feels to dedicate one's life to building someone else's dream. I kept being asked to produce more and more, while my earnings remained the same.

As a consumer sales representative for Sony, I was earning $36,000 a year. It felt like I should be earning $36,000 a month! At 28, I started working part time in the home-based industry and, just fooling around, I made $40,000 part time. Well, I passed up my full-time income to work hard for myself.

In the next of couple years, I researched people who made millions and asked them if they would be mentors to me. I knew I would be an excellent student and that I would finally be able to see all of my dreams come true. I could stay home, raise my son, be an incredible role model for him and be the highest paid mom at the bus stop.

The Market America business opportunity is about building relationships and empowering people from all walks of life to believe in themselves and become leaders. Imagine finding a profession where you can own your life and make your own hours. Because of Market America, I was able to have the best of all worlds. One of my main goals as a single parent was to raise Jordan myself and always provide for our family. I feel his accomplishments are due in large part to this business because it allowed me to do so in a positive manner.

If all parents raised their children instead of shipping them off to the care of others, I believe the parent-child relationship would be much better. They would instill them with their own thought patterns, morals and ideals instead of someone else's.

This incredible business gives you the same opportunity to make the next generation have incredible integrity and self-belief in their futures.

A couple years before my son went off to college he surprised me with a speech he wrote: "What is a Hero?" Every parent should treasure the day when your child lets you know you made the wisest choice to be at home. There is not another industry that can offer you this greatest pleasure of being a great role model to your children.

Jordan and I thank the Corporate Team again and every person in our organization for giving us this incredible life.


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