A Showcase of Accomplishments

Market America is proud to showcase the accomplishments of its Independent UnFranchise® Owners in this section. This Web site represents Market America’s commitment to spotlighting the achievements of UnFranchise Owners.

Hard Work & Determination

The Power Profiles illustrates that the UnFranchise Business Development System can be effectively implemented to create a thriving and profitable independent business through hard work and determination.

Unfranchise Owner Spotlight

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  • Marda R Arkebauer
    Marda R Arkebauer

    After 15 years as a stay-at-home mom, I became single once again with little choice but to market myself and return to the 8-to-5 routine of a daily work schedule.

  • Zenghai And Yuhua Qiao And Liu
    Zenghai And Yuhua Qiao And Liu

    We have our own clinic practicing traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy and nutrition. Our goal is to offer people ways to achieve a better life through proper lifestyle and nutritional support.

  • Chih-Hsing Chen
    Chih-Hsing Chen

    Life is like a journey, and you definitely need a nice and efficient vehicle to go through it smoothly and safely before you can enjoy it. What kind of vehicle can you think of? A 45-Years Plan for someone else's success?

  • Youfang Wang
    Youfang Wang

    In China, my family owns a clothing factory, and when I first came to the United States, I was involved in importing garments and supply department stores and boutiques. My income was based on the volume of business and would not continue unless I kept working forever.

  • Jim And Lisa Winkler
    Jim And Lisa Winkler

    Thank you, Market America! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to determine if this is really a dream. Imagine how you would live your life if you had no limitations!

  • Diana Tseng
    Diana Tseng

    Early retirement seemed like something that was unattainable, especially when I examined our current value of my pension plan. What a rude awakening. Between Social Security, the company pension plan, and our current savings, I would be lucky to earn one third of my current income. I wasn't getting any younger and I didn't know how I could make early retirement happen maintaining the kind of lifestyle to which I was accustomed. A friend introduced me to Market America's UnFranchise® Business Development System, a proven and affordable way to start a part-time business from home. I believed it could work for me and in less than two years I am on track to building an ongoing income that will soon surpass my primary income and allow me to retire early from my job. Let me show you how I am doing it!

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  • Todd And Laura Laire

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