Roger Wu
Executive Field Vice President

Earning Level

$45,000 - $62,999

PIN Level

Executive Field Vice President



Before we became Market America Independent Distributors, our lifestyle was much busier and our financial situation was much worse, and we didn't see any way of being successful business owners.

My wife and I became Independent Distributors in April 1996, and after two to three years of hard work, it has dramatically changed our lives.

We were skeptical in the beginning about what JR said the Market America business opportunity could do for the average person if he is willing to follow the company's system. In a few years of following the plan, a person will be able to earn a solid, sizable income.

This doubt gradually eroded after we attended the International Convention in 1997. At that convention, we witnessed so many successful people and heard their remarkable experiences. These experiences provided us with the confidence that led us to take this business seriously.

In the past several years, we not only followed the Company's system, but we carried out the system with great passion and patience to pass it down to our team.

We deeply appreciate our team members' efforts in helping us to achieve this goal of improving our lifestyle, and we will do our best to help our team members to reach their goals.

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